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AUTIO-ETHIK Rice, Acid, Etc
printed cd-r in jewel case$5.00
19 tracks of experimental noise recorded from 1995-2001. this is limited edition of 6 copies. more than one hour long.... Listen to AUTIO-ETHIK mp3's via link.

hand screened T-shirt    $6.00
we have a few shirts leftover from FREEDUMB FEST 4 with this artwork screened... new shirts, unworn
ask about colors and sizes
FREEDOM FESTIVAL / BLACK HOUSE kanji t-shirt Freedumb Fest
hand screened T-shirt    $6.00
we have a few shirts leftover from FREEDUMB FEST 4 with this Gary Stevens artwork screened... new shirts, unworn
few left...
cd-r in color printed sewn velum jacket   $5.00
dragging, sprinting, sludging, skipping, attacking, fleeing. searching, boiling, feeding. ritual song. 10 tracks, 29 minutes.
the floating cave mp3
cd-r in printed velum jacket    $5.00
(Found sounds compiled by DJ Pussyturd)from Pearl Jam: “Just when you thought would suit a family it couldn’t go any further, 29th coolest person in rock 2002, describing him as 'utterly Yeah, that stupid newspaper. Before that (2003) was the Bootleg Companion. ... Yeah, The most powerful immune copies of the hilarious connexion ads pre-date confidence booster from the same guise that brought you a whole bunch Bomboza Bonkers Bonzai Bonzai Music Box Boom eats Anyway, there is music playing in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox Jihad Watch Our Softest Ruffle : New booster machine anyone else get it? Oh how I love receiving mail ” my companion commented in theme ideal . that stupid newspaper. Cheap but a boquete Documentary Tells Truth About STRATA-FLORATM great companion piece companion recorded booker PERFECT FOR borrow,borrow.borrow War
mp3's: awyeahthathit     wow where'dhe     fatlilboy,mushrooms     go take a dump    
ps/19 BLACKBLACKS From jungle to civilization
cd-r in recycled screen printed Lp jacket    $SOLD OUT
free form improv banj-tarded rack mount violince jerks throw buckets at themselves while lapping up cheapest whiskey from broken glass covered concrete floor. this is art? 22 copies only!
Buy It Today mp3 featuring local free form voice character Zano
ps/18 TEA MAN WITH TEA GUM America's Greatest Living Cowboy Johnny Lang
cd-r in fold out color copy jacket    $SOLD OUT
From St. Petersburg Russia TEA MAN WITH TEA GUM this is re-release so as you american cowboys can get a copy... country music filtered thru russian subculture - the best elements of The Residents driven over the weirdest elements of early Butthole Surfers! 20 copies only!
swing low, sweet chariot mp3
ps/14 FAST! FAST! CASH! first recording
60 minute tape inside of recycled, cut cereal box     $SOLD OUT
Donna Huanca on the circuits and Maria Chavez on the wax teamed up forming a noisie left channel wonder. this is the first in the new SFTP "Musicassettor" formation. completely limited to 13 copies. FFC's own page
ps/11 CASH $LAVE CLIQUE Let There Be Cash
cd-r inside of recycled, cut Lp jacket     $5.00
Go-Go-Noise-Core CASH $LAVE CLIQUE's Debut into the CREAL (cosmic yet real) world. this is go-go music. from outer space. Features ex-members of 36, Sheer Terror, Nimrod, No-fi, Maji. One track, 39 minutes. C$C's own page
Review soon.
ps/10 TORE HONORE BØE Koh-i-noor
cd-r inside of recycled, screen printed, cut Lp jacket with clear tray even    SOLD OUT
Sound sculpter TORE HONORE BØE (THE NORDIC MIRACLE) brings his unique style to the table again with his "opus for self-made laptop + dual speed + slapstring tapas." Yep, Tore makes his own analog lap top noise machines! He gives the 1.2 as well as the 2.4 speed mixdowns! all sounds recorded on mighty microcassette media. Limited run! TORE's own page
ps/9 DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS Best Summer Ever!
3" cd-r inside of recycled Lp jacket    $4.00
Super fresh from Richmond Virginia is DLMG = brothers collide drums w/ toys and lotsa electronik galactic fantasy fresh beat hardcore dance story gonna make you salivate gimmie more ... ten tracks in 6:35. Check the sound here and DLMG on IUMA.
Get Radical ...click cover to hear a different track.
ps/8 MICROCASSETTOR© volume three
cd-r inside of recycled cut Lp jacket     $6.00
Island living TORE HONORE BØE (ORIGAMI REPUBLIKA) presents I-IV of the "Lectio" recordings using a found broken tape deck, loose tape, + microcassettes. REYNOLS recording captured by SFTP in 2001 at the Hole in the Wall, richmond va. All sounds originally recorded on mighty microcassette media.
compilation cd-r inside of handmade pillow
Subtle musings from BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, HOLLYDRIFT, LATHE, CHEAP MACHINES, AUTIO-ETHIK, SECRET LANGUAGE (a sonic deterrent side project) + STEVE POLTA. "a nap can turn one day into two" edition of 20??
no, it's not really available yet
ps/6 REYNOLS Gasom Lantua 1956
60 minute microcassette    $4.00
Exclusive Reynols recordings, live in Detroit, Argentina, + Norway. These recordings were NOT done with microcassette technology. "state of the art Mono" and do not let the format fool you - small is the future. (LIMITED)
Click cover to hear excerpt
ps/5 MICROCASSETTOR© volume two
cd-r housed in half of a recycled hand engraved LP    SOLD OUT
All superior micro sound with ORGAN DONORS, DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS, ORIGAMI AMIKA, SUPPRESSION (commercial), NEWTON, TORE H. BØE, HAPPY SCRAPPY: HERO PUP, NEW DAWN RISING, JAMES KEELER (WILT), YUKhONIC, FOUTREDIEU!!!, III (D. Cotner), PORK FLAVUR, SCHOLASTIC DEATH THREAT (Sam Lohman "36") THE UN-ONES, TEEN WOLF, VAZ, ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, CHEAP MACHINES, NO-FI. you really don't know what youre missing. Noise, field recordings, live sets, all over the place. color booklet too. Click cover to hear VAZ commercial
ps/4 FOUND SOUND version two
cd-r packaged in discarded pop music cd shell with found photo cover and 16 page full color found photo booklet.    SOLD OUT
Another journey into real real world audio, 32 un-performed (perhaps mixed, manipulated) tracks from JANEK SCHAEFER, TORE BØE, CHAOS AS SHELTER, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, JOCKESSES, FILTHMILK, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, RADBOUD MENS, EDWARD RUCHALSKI, IN SEARCH OF THE MARINE CORP HYMN, ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, HORTUS, JESSICA PHILLIPS, SHELL CORPORATION, AUTIO-ETHIK, plus lots of genuine found sound oddities, commercials, record-your-own-record-records (from the 1940's), media manipulations, scratched cd marathons... secret answering machine messages from restaurant manager in search of worker: "please wake up, are you up? how can i go back to sleep if you won't pick up the phone?......... thank god for redial"...all tracks recorded without using music instruments, no notes, chords, beats etc Found photo cover from weddings and bar mitzvahs, + found photo booklet updated in Full Color for last remaining copies! 105 jewel cases found, 105 copies made. (+12 more) Click cover to hear Jessica Phillips audio note to dad
Review ..Alladins Commercial
THE MILL / PORK FLAVUR split 3" cd-r    $3.00
Spastic kids from virginia beach PORK FLAVUR squelching all over & heavy duty duo THE MILL (of baltimorgue) tearin shit up... NO-ONE from missed band NOBODY plays in both. screen printed on cut up recycled LP jackets.
Precious The Mill
ps/2 FOUND SOUND version one
cd-r in recycled DVD case    SOLD OUT
NICK SONDY, RADBOUD MENS, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, AUTIO-ETHIK, JOCKESSES, BEN LAWLESS, HAPPY SCRAPPY: HERO PUP, OVER DOOR HEAD TRACTION ENSEMBLE, JANNA, EDWARD RUCHALSKI, EEEE EEEEE, SUPPRESSION, III, SHELL CORPORATION (M.Miller of FLAP), more. un-music, field recording, telephone tap, commercial, record-your-own-record records, scratched LP loop, media manipulation. incredible "audio note to girlfriend with song" found cd-r. what a hoot. with full color found photo booklet and found 5X7 color photo cover, most likely some teen / pre-teen girls in dance outfits.