Autio-Ethik “PS/15” ( ) Phewwww!!!! Had to jump for the volume switch really quickly or my ears would have been grafted to my headphones by the heat of this white hot noise. It sure did start squealy. This is mostly harsh-noise. A lot of what you’ll hear here are blaring feedback and rumbling distortion, with some interesting bells and whistles to decorate them . Yea, this is mind melting, blare if you dare, chaos and bedlam, audio-art for the steel-nerved. Some of the more gracious tracks are under 20 seconds. Other more sadistic ones go as high as 8 minuets. My tolerances were stretched, but not broken. I have to say that I enjoyed myself in the process. I even have a favorite. Track number 13 is a less painful bubbling drone of muck and yuck that sort of made me want to sit back and make myself sick. Is that so wrong?

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review :: moron
musical release :: handicapped, national library service for the blind and physically
label :: Sounds From The Pocket
musical artist :: Autio-ethik

One of the bigger musical disappointments for me is when an initial burst of noise mongering suggests a thorough aural house cleaning but turns out to be just pedantic dabbling before a pedestrian stroll through milder climates. Autio-ethik must feel the same way about faux as this CDR based release never backs off or calms down. It may not always be total bat to the face but it certainly has sharp little teeth that grow back real fast after each wearing down.
Middling and sweet is the order of the day with 15 tracks sharing about 35 minutes. The tools used to chip away here are mostly of the found or self created sound variety with some effects in play but much of the ear pulling due to layering or oscillator manipulation. Many sources sound like they were located in the project progenitor's basement - random hunks of metal, contact mic'd refuse, a mono-synth of some sort, etc. with the subtle ambience present most likely an artifact of the recording environment. It's got that strange aura that junk percussion tends to lend, like a street crazy got into your tool shed and started trying to communicate with another dimension rhythmically. A handful of sounds suggest a guitar and processor but they are mangled enough that they might as well be an eggplant strung with licorice whips. Post processing does play some part in the overall result and I expect that a PC screen is glowing on many if not all tracks. Still, an organic sticker would not seem totally out of place here as the tracks have enough liveliness and spontaniety in their delivery to smell like fresh earth.
Sounds pretty much run the gamut from bouncing rubber oscillator through distortion pedal type eeee-oooo to recycling yard freakout to hungry stomach gurgle to "Welcome to Japan" white noise. Variety is absolutely a defining feature with each track sounding different than the last and none becoming unwanted guests by staying too long. The way that sounds are tweaked plays a major role in this freshness - simple feedback rhythmically gated so that it turns into angry birds on a dirty beach, unknown skronk envelope filtered into a low bending girder, an ugly loop force fed various LFOs till it goes all wiggly. Some treatments are linear, single file though most seem to come at you from at two or three directions which adds to the surprise factor.
The recording is actually quite well specified as far as frequency range and overall mastering. Yes, it is raw and noisy (duh) but importantly where it needs to be and what red lining you do hear is generally part of the master plan not clumsiness. You won't want to eat off it or use it as a reference mind you but it's lively not dull and not so sharp that you rip your pants just trying to hear a little bit of colour.
Comparisons? Well, Chefkirk comes to mind mainly due to the perky playful factor. This is less cheeky and definitely far more organic than the prolific one but it does share the same glowing lightbulb floating over head factor. Nothing Is True is far less amiable than these folks but seems to have been looking into similar dumpsters for new toys. Mostly though this sounds like itself which is as good a compliment as I can likely offer. If you like to have the odd rat scrabble around inside your skull setting fires and playing children's toys then this be the release for you. Most fun I've had all day.

(NOTE: no PC or any sort of computer used for this disc, just the good ol' government owned tape deck for the blind and physically handicapped)

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