VARIOUS - Sounds From the Pocket: Found Sound Volume 3 (Sounds From the Pocket) In the course of throwing some extra icing on the radio cake, few things are more fun to sprinkle into a freeform radio set than snippets from compilations like this. Short pieces of found tapes that exist in their own isolated and inexplicable universe like some kind of necklace strung with faded pearls, voices creaking out of distorted lo-tech sources with an agenda we may never understand or have explained. From the increasingly snarky phone messages from some kind of bill collector "To Ken Boone", to someone's irate mom leaving a message that she doesn't want "that flaming faggot in our car, he's a menace", the folks at Sounds From the Pocket have certainly given us all a reason to gleefully look through door cracks we shouldn't, and somewhat picking up the ball that the late great Bananafish magazine left behind when they stopped publishing their magazine/comp CDs. I am especially a fan of the subway musician croaking "Knights In White Satin") as the 6 train comes squealing to a stop
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