Vital Weekly:
MICROCASSETTES (sic) (CDR compilation by Pocketsound)
The second one is a compilation of material that was submitted on those small micro cassettes which normally are used for answering machines or bootlegging concerts. The sound quality is usually not that good, so I guess that's what is so appealling for the compilers of this compilation. Here the music prevails over 'just' sound. Although? There is weirdness here too, such as the cars hunking in the piece by ID M Theft Able or a toy opera by Tore Boe and his daughter, or the xylophone played by a microcassette recorder (by III). There is also punk rock cum noise like music by Nobody and President Nader or DJ Shuai. Much differences in the qualities of these songs, but played with insanity and intregity. (FdW)

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