Radio Activities.  
The radio collage show is an ancient discipline, rediscovered each and every year by the rising generation of college djs with too much late-nite energy and too little supervision. In this, Awesome Party was nothing jawdroppingly novel. It was its spirit and unspoken aims that set it apart; its use and abuse of every imaginable element and trope of radio broadcasting. Radio drama, call-ins, talk shows, news, weather, special guest turntablists, rock, rap, carts, commercials, public radio spiels, studio feedback, disembodiment— all melted, melded, and molded until the only discernible signal was a yellow blast of pure energy beaming from the Lambeth Studios at the University of Virginia.   
We cannot explain the magic formula behind Awesome Party, except to say that, unlike traditional radio shows and djs, the process was fully outside of our control. The more we thought about orchestrating and coordinating the sounds, the worse the results. The real highlight moments of Awesome Party, like all pure moments of aesthetic achievement, could never be squarely reproduced or replicated. These were the moments in which, with aesthetic prejudices set to the side, conscious control relinquished, and the studio equipment left to guide itself, New Music was born with wings. Occasionally, conscious control was so relinquished, that we would leave the studio for Snickers and soda, and leave all the tracks running at full volume. By the time we returned, fifteen minutes later, the studio would be filled with the most glorious soundvortex you could ever imagine. Way better than anything we could've ever spliced together ourselves. Awesome Party worked in this way, according to a strange voodoo that simulatenously effaced identity while galvanizing the ego. This holds true both in the mix of the music and in the meld of our personalities. A kind of spaceship séance… or a musical Lorenz attractor.  
The same goes for listening. Once the mind releases its insistence on simple unity and whistleable melodies, New Music emerges, or rather, protomusical forms emerge that the brain quickly puttyknifes into New Music. Two hours of this through headphones and you're ruined. You'll have grown an extra pair of ears, and be able to discern melodies in a tractor trailer accident.