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VARIOUS "Found Sounds Version 2" ***2/3

cd - 2002-12 - Sounds From The Pocket (SFTP-PS-4) - 75'46"

So, how did you find "One Hour Photograph"? This cd's concept is just as great, albeit a bit more 'fringe': a cd filled with found sounds, often from found tapes, packaged with found photographs in a found jewel case. There's no performing allowed. As a result, most of the music here are field recordings. And quite a lot are quite cool, my favourite tracks being the "Escalator suite" by Radboud Mens (a truly soothing mantra), "Lectio #6" by Tore Honere Boe, "Penisize" by Newton, as well as the tracks labelled In Search Of The Marine Corp Hymn. Rosie Laidler's primitive blues "I went to see my grandmother", as discovered by Thomas Peake, is atypical of this compilation but it's pretty fantastic all the same, and both Shell Corp's "I think I sprained my thumb" (a live montage of record-your-own-records and scratched cd's) and Autio-Ethik's "Rodeo-burger" are full of psychedelic mystery. The latter track actually sounds like something too far-out for the "Noodles" series. Dj Heavy Cream's two contributions, viz. two record-your-own-record recordings from the forties are compelling too, whereas the mystery tracks sound like an existentialist Sol Rosenberg on extra valium, as staged by Sam Beckett. Also featured, finally, is Janek Schaefer (cf. U0008+U0219+U0222), "who implemented mailing a recording cassette deck long before I even thought of it", writes compiler Justin Waters in his liner notes... Indeed, Schaefer's track "Recorded delivery" is an (edited) 11-minute journey through the postal system which should please those fascinated with postal systems worldwide. And of readymades and Fluxus art, of course... like the rest of this compilation. If you're interesed in the poetry of both the everyday and the weird: find this cd! (pv)

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