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Reynols / Tore Honore Boe-CD (Microcassettor)

This is Static recycled noise. with almost a machine like qaulity to it has a very lo fi field recording vibe as well. I shouldn't like this but i do. Drifting and almost haunting at times . Very much headphone music going on here. I'm not fully sure if this is a Collabaration or a Split CD between the 2 projects all the sounds have similar style. I do think its very call that all the tracks were recorded on a mini cassette recorder. That indeed is a brilliant idea. This is something for the more abstract noise head out there. Though very rewarding if you give it a your full attention and let it soak in. The recycled cardboard and paper packaging is something that adds an extra special touch as well.

double review from Vital Weekly


(Both CD-R by Sounds from the pocket)
Anybody who regards CD-Rs as an inferior medium should immediately check out these two releases. They are truely exquisitely packed in silkscreened recycled LP covers and look stunning. Also the labels are very well done. Lectio is a split disc with Reynols in what is called the Microcassettor series. The name implies exactly what the content appears to be: a recording of a live gig by Reynols on microtape and Tore's Lectio Parts I to IV, an 'opus for found dysfunctional tape deck + loose magnetic tape + microcassettors'. So yes, this is very lo-fi, no question, and of course that's exactly the charm. The Reynols concert was apparently a very good one, it starts off pretty messily, but soon evolves into a layer of feedback (?) sounds that has a strong captivating quality. Tore's tracks are almost drones, long sounds with a rough and grungy texture, unpolished and bleak. They posess a very natural inherent beauty, something that Tore is a very keen observer of.
Koh-I-Noor is Tore's 'opus for self-made laptop + dual speed + slapstring tapas'. Though I have personally witnessed Tore on his laptop (a wooden box with piezo elements, pieces of metal, wood, strings and other odd stuff attached to it), I have never seen him play slapstring tapas, so what these are must remain a mystery for the time being. These reocrdings are different from the Lectio ones, because this involves more playing. We can hear scraping and brushing on metal, drones and buzzes from tape and other unidentifiable sound sources, but all with the same lo-fi character. Again this has a strong charm, but I can hear a slight danger in this quality: it lacks a certain dynamic depth that would give way more energy to the whole. Other than that, these are two good releases. (MR)

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