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ARTIST / TITLE / FORMAT / LABEL / Something or another

A Pink Cloud / Rotten RMX / cd-r / ? /

Perhaps a remix project of ROTTEN PIECE here, housed in torn out pages from magazines like Vice with some paint pen additions... 15 tracks in 24 minutes from this Houston bubble bath known as Domokos - and if i know him right then his laptop was aggressively (ab)used to create the remix. Heavy volume, quick paced, looped, distorted, rhythmic madness.

Marshall Avett / movements in the Blue-Sea / cd-r / ? /

Marshall Avett is one third of the atlanta free jazz slash noise enigma known as ZANDOSIS. (he is also part head of OLD GOLD RECORDS) This release is housed in lovely black and white 8 by 17 paper with small insert. 7 tracks using mixers, reverbs, turntables, delays, etc... totalling 56 minutes. Tones and more tones, probable internal feedback, all taking subtle time to get the point across. The liner notes mention that if 'nothing on earth moved there would be silence', but i'll point out that maybe if that were to happen, all of us still beings on earth could then hear just how noisey the universe is. Anyway, this is rife with pulsating, rhythmic noise, seemingly unlayered, so therefor sometimes close to minimal. Go see ZANDOSIS and ask Marshall how to get a copy.

David William Confidential / IN / cd-r / RAM /

David William Confidential is David Hilshorst of Cincinati Ohio. This disc is from his own label, housed in red card stock with stamped cover art and a plastic sleeve inside. two tracks here totalling more than 40 minutes... DWC pulls it all off here, getting quite intense here and there, while keeping steady with his deep drone work. Here he has used a turntable, sampler, cd player, keyboard, mixer, found sounds, homemade sounds, & some other small items. While droney, diversity is happening all about making for a good solid release worth hearing and having. If i were a better reviewer i could summon up some artists who this reminds me of, but none immediately come to mind, except sometimes it does remind me of Autio-Ethik, my own project. But DWC seems to have put more time and effort into this than i do/can. I'll try to update this review after more listens!

DARK PUMPING / Dark Pumping / cd-r / Tiny Creature /

DARK PUMPING features two dudes living in self imposed exile in the nether regions of Birmingham Alabama, a red zone. alone they are Lance (solo as THE BURZEE) and Bryan (elsetimes with ALGEBRASSIERE) two people i know and have great bias for. also having bias for the instrumentation, featuring a Synare 3, circuit bent keyboards + speak-n-math, and some sorta dulcimer door chime stringy thingy... plus a drum machine of sorts. i do believe this was mixed down from a 'blind and physically handicapped' tape deck, as im hearing the distinctive tone and distortion. (+Bryan has one) anyway, this is rhythmik trance music, well done, sounds live, partially organic, and inspires immediate mantra making, say for example yer in yer car, say "BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE" along with this and towards the car infont who cannot seem to let off the brake..... 1,2,3,4, BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE

Various / BROKEN CAMERA MUSEUM / cd-r / Cephia's Treat, Kinky Noise, COAXT, cheapo_records /

19 genre-bending bands via 4 label compilation housed inside of 'PrintFile' 35mm negative sleeve. Experimental lo-fi indie, newest wave, mutilated versions of noise, goth, industrial, hardcore, emo & new age. Consider this a primer, an invitation, a "demonstration." Unbridled artists accidentally mapping new territories. some of my favorites: Geriatricide, Transit Mum, YUKhONIC, E.N., Haves & Thirds, Safeway T.V., Conestoga.

PANICSVILLE / Evil? / CD / Nihilist / Easy listening electronik evil

Outer-spacious, lucid mixed media-manipulators execute grisly electronics raising the old question 'What is evil?' Which is more evil: casio beats or power electronics? this disc may put into question your answer to questions like that.

TRAFFIC PATTERN / THE HEPATITIS YOUTH / Books are Boring / cassette / Cephia's Treat /

*The first paperback cassette tape known to me. this two sided split cassette is bound in a paperback book with just enough of the guts removed to house the cassette. this is release #26 on the CT label, and i think it only gets more interesting. Traffic Pattern hails from Austin TX in a hail of hail like gunfire electro-shock 202 treatment amid a heavy distortion storm only quieted by the visitation of sci-fi insect mind control. driving beats, shards of noise, all wrangled together loosely in the most loose way. *** THE HEPATITIS YOUTH are even looser. MG-1 based chaos erupts showered by abused drums, hard to follow guitar, and unknown yet imaginable antics during this live go "5 tips for a midlife career change."

JA DA / JaDa JaDa / 10" / M.C.O.E. /

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire are JaDa. Danielle has a thing for organs & vibrato & all that lovely stuff which makes me miss having old organs around. the drum machines on these pieces are not nearly as programmable as new machines, but they are so much more fun. so here we have lots of organ sounds, swirling repitition, Danielle's beautiful singing, electro-acoustic noises, strings, loops, music box, reverb, etc making for a difficult description but a nice sound work. heavy vinyl.


Marshall introducing songs with titles like "paul wolfowitz boiled alive in his own urine" makes me laugh out loud everytime. Most of the current "administration" members has a song dedicated to his or her torture, the only exception being a track to attack john cage. (perhaps cage was GOP?) this free form jazz based noise trio was recorded live at the Eyedrum (Atlanta) in 2003. super heavy weight vinyl, limited to 220!

JAN VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN / Cosmic Volume 3: Without Ownership / CD / M.C.O.E. /

Cosmic Volume is incredible! as far as i can tell it is a series, volume 3 here goes back to 1995. Jan Van is also known to me from his work with Danielle Lemaire... put them together = "Ja Da". presented as enhanced cd, for mac, which is really cool but me being mono-lingual isn't. (Jan Van hails from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, so the visual piece of this is un-english) but anyway, very haunting loops, drones, and attacking sounds bursting! such attention to design and variation creates a strange attraction. strange piano / guitar strings, percussion, + pitch altered voice = beautifully wierd stuff. a colorful photo booklet included too.


simply packaged disc in clear poly sleeve. nicely done DIY insert. this very cool compilation features each artist on their own and one collaboration track of all three. three distinct schools of noise making represent here. Mr. Natural chose his name aptly. ManGenerated more like guitar slo drone & repetition, lo-fi drum, gloom. PFO electroniks, feedbacking, stomp box loop manipulation. this very good yah!

WILT / the black box aesthetic: zeitgeist movement 1 / CD / the Rectrix (?) / fog

"pro quality" paper sleeve with pocket. dark, shifty, strong. many many tracks take listener on ride across regions of noiseville. its nice that way too, no trek takes longer than 9 minutes. sound sources are described as synthesizer, field recordings, found objects, voice & samples. shouldnt that give you an idea? like harsh noise way too much? listen here and come off that horse.


already another RE COM PAS disc, perhaps a disc-a-month club is in need. 'meat beat manifesto' comes to mind. excellent solo work. see below for more


thin jewel case, orange tape, photograph of girl eating cheeze-its and beef jerky while wrapped in wires surrounded by electronics (radio shack organ game, tyco hot keyz keyboard guitar, etc) ok some toying around here, both ways. some tweaky, bit static, circuit bent "played in real time" instrumentation here... dischordiant to the point of making 'happy scrappy: hero pup' sound like 'benny goodman'. Is it christmas time or lo-fi digital hardcore rump shakin time? perhaps both? almost minimal! except that it wont stop.


paper sleeve, no disc label but mine does say its a "promototype", insert which expresses this french canadians affection for jazz ("hated by millions, including nazis, and liberation soundtrack for others") .... i really like this one for it carries no real pretense about it especially considering its jazz "related" idea. sounds are ever manipulated to the extreme, loops in and out and in... and yes, there are a few moments when jazz samples do creep in, but the sonics come in annihilating that. right harsh at times. not really cut-n-paste more like feed-n-bleed several channels at once.

TEAMAN WITH TEAGUM / in PAINAPPLE JOYCE episodes 1-10 and spanishes volkslied / CD-R / MONOPOLKA & XV PAROWEK RECORDS / NETENYAHOO! taken over by JAWAS

color copy of crayoned & collaged art paper sleeve, wallpaper disc label . ok so this is russian. if a russian spoke to you would you understand what he was saying? ok, so when russians make noise, why would you then understand?? are 'the residents' now contemporary? listen here and you'll believe it. found sounds, kazoos, squeak toys & drums sometimes heavy sometimes electronic toy beat box. punk riffs & chanting ala 'boredoms' but really its much different, perhaps some real circus game theme show choir of ducks in daycare sillyness going on this fresh disc. stereo even!


homemade cardboard sleeve, stenciled title, spraypainted design on disc. watch out for travis. he's not just foolin' around with all this moog beat machine sax sublimeness. touches of an early 'orb' & an early electronica 'trans am,' completely re-listenable. from atlanta georgia.


paper sleeve, dual language. nerve center is at least the sixth release by Kuala Lumpur's Kwang. four tracks here, shortest coming in at 12 min 34 sec. (more about this later)


slimline case with insert. electric acoustic guitar (with occasional low level shifting noises, some provided by Rat Bastard) good song writing. and nice production value. ive listened to this one hundred times and thats all i know


jewel case is packaged using unique to each collage art from recycled printed matter and features handwritten info. skot spear, C.E.O. of 'kraag.org' label entity, is Id M Theft Able. what a crazy bastard, single track 54 minute disc. hodge podge toys of piano, wind up, and beep beep manner fed thru delay sweeps starts it off. i think the term for this style of "music" is junkie and maybe you want to think junk, but its not metal, trash, concrete junk. a mix of many sources, including found sound. ok so metal's in there somewhere. oh this gets right intense about the 30 minute mark! sweet and psychedelic, like tibet 2337. but seriously, who has 54 minutes in one sitting? i also request shorter live sets by all performers. on the other hand i understand that sometimes editing just doesnt feel right. extra bonus of beautiful female voice loop and answering machine messages ending the set.


spray painted disc, paper cd insert. this is a collective and a collection of musicians and noisicians from Malaysia, credited with playing anything from 'microphone in metal funnel, radio' or 'guitarntable' to simply laptops and trumpets. artists as follows: Azmyl Yunor, Aziz, MC Cibai, Yandsen, Ypin, Tham Kar Mun, Goh Lee Kwang, Zai-de.... the opening Azmyl Yunor piece reminds us much of 'Dirty Three.' I feel at home listening to this, its as if I'm at "ones, twos, and threes" experimental night at the red light cafe, or perhaps an eyedrum show.

TEAMAN WITH TEAGUM / JOHNNY LANG: AMERICA'S GREATEST LIVING COWBOY / 3" CD-R / MONOPOLKA / butthole surfer chipmunks doing urban cowboy

3" cd in color copied folded up like teenage love note paper. shits really fucked up, truely bizarre music has come back around... in russia at least. can you find this?


magic marker on cdr in jewel case with unique to each nicely done cut up collage / paint / sticker art. OW! OW! digital hardcore cut up fucked up starts it up. more subtle sounds hide further into the disc; slow loops, childrens vocals, creaking... I remember seeing TKAPB at the Rat-Ward Art Haus, most impressed by the beat selections. this is something to be followed... like computers... surely to grow and change and get better and better? pretty damn good stuff here, quickly, its limited edition.

HORTUS / HORTUS / CD-R / none /

Hortus is a garden. Hortus is paul & joe, ex members of bands like 'Gnob' and 'Experimental Farm' Hortus is bass and drums, but not the electronik type. Hortus has been seen playing live naked except for white kitchen aprons while sporting mustaches. Paul of Hortus passes out gift bags of cooked duck breasts and old dreadlocks during his No-Fi performances. Hortus plays real fast sometimes. Intricate, heavy yet ever changing, original, lotsa "field" recordings too.

GODBABY / NUMBER ONE VOLUME / CD-R / EEN / vintage cartoons

cd-r in slim line case w/ bloody insert. while the 1st 2 tracks may be un-made B movie soundtrack material, the rest is funeral march music for cartoon vegetables. sweet.


feat: COCK E.S.P., PHIL THOMSON, X*SCLUB, EUGENICS COUNCIL, ANTI KATI, NORMA X'D OUT, SUSPICION BREEDS CONFIDENCE, SYSSISSPSK, GINTAS K, BASTARD NOISE, RIPIT, JAN AG, NO-FI, MANGENERATED, MOURMANSK150, DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO, much more. simply packaged disc in clear poly sleeve. nicely done DIY insert. YAAOH! like noise eh? get this eh! 40 tracks by diverse noisers the world over. well done!

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